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7 Yoga Poses To Improve Concentration and Focus

7 yoga Poses To Improve Concentration and Focus
Yogis have celebrated for an extended time that the advantages of the traditional observe go way on the far side the physical. And now, science has return to substantiate a similar thing! A recent study from the University of Illinois showed that active yoga for twenty minutes may...
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Yoga and the Chakras focus on the Heart Chakra

Yoga and the Chakras focus on the Heart Chakra
Part of the observe of yoga is recognizing the chakras, that ar a basic side of achieving inner peace and balance. Chakra is that the Indo-Aryan word for ‘wheel’ and there ar seven chakras organized vertically within the body from the lower on the vertebrae towards greatest on...
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Vipassana yoga poses

Vipassana (insight meditation) is the ultimate expression of Socrates’ dictum, “know thyself.” The Buddha discovered that the cause of suffering can actually be erased when we see our true nature. This is a radical insight. It means that our happiness does not depend on manipulating the external world....
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Yoga Poses for instant Backache Relief

Legs Up the Wall
Legs Up the Wall Back pain, lower back pain, yoga for back pain, back pain relief, yoga for back Scoot your buttocks all the way into the wall and swing your feet up the wall. This pose is excellent for relaxing the muscles of the lower back and...
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Have you tried everything to lose weight and failed? Well, we have the answer for you – yoga. This method of exercise mixes the best of both worlds – fitness and meditation. The best part about it, is that no matter what your weight is or where you...
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4 Yoga and Breathing Tips to Conquer Anger Issues

It is said that anger is just one letter short of danger! Anger is an extremely negative emotion and is manifested in different forms – frustration, outrage, jealousy, hatred and sometimes even in the form of indifference and boredom. Anger is an emotion that is built up and...
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What is YOGA?

What is YOGA? Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to unite or to join. People generally think that yoga is a series of exercises with twisted body poses, it is not so. The main aim of Yoga is to help one connect with one’s inner...
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PRENATAL YOGA POSES Much like other types of childbirth-preparation classes, prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. Prenatal yoga classes are...
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The word Yoga automatically calls to mind Sage “Patanjali” the founder and father of Yoga. He lived around three centuries before Christ, and was a great philosopher and grammarian. he was also a physician and a medical work is attributed to him. His best known work is Patanjali...
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YOGA POSES also called Asanas

yoga for beginners
Yoga poses (also called Asanas) are physical postures that exercise your entire body, stretch and tone the muscles and joints, the spine and entire skeletal system. They have a beneficial effect not only on the body frame, but also on the internal organs, glands and nerves, keeping all...
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