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The term Spirituality is hard to define

The term ‘Spirituality’ is hard to define. The scope and extent of the subject is so vast and varied in its many aspects that it can hardly be put into so many words. Suffice it to say that it deals with the immutable and eternal facts of life—the active principles that are enlivening the entire creation. The quest for the ‘Spirit’ and for the ‘Laws of Spirituality’ has ever been in the human breast from the dawn of consciousness in man; yet with all its hoary antiquity, the subject retains its freshness as ever before and shall continue to do so. The Spirit or Soul is the vital flame in man, in the light and life of which he lives and has his being, and no wonder that in every clime and in every age, the leaders of spiritual thought—the sages and seers, the saints and sadhs—have attempted to solve the mystery of life.


The subject of Spirituality is concerned purely with the problems connected with the Spirit or Soul—to wit, its origin or source, what it is, its seat in the body and its relation there to, how it functions in the physical world, whether it is possible to separate it at will from the body and bodily adjuncts, the mind and the senses, and if so, the various processes connected therewith. It deals with the spiritual journey through different spiritual planes and the spirit’s capability of traversing the same, the ultimate goal or destination to which this journey leads, and other allied topics, such as the welfare of the spirit, how to feed it and with what, for on its health depends the health of the mind and the body. These are some of the vital questions that fall within the purview of our inquiry.


In the past decade or so, researchers across a range of disciplines have started to explore and acknowledge the positive contribution spirituality can make to mental health. Service users and survivors have also identified the ways in which spiritual activity can contribute to mental health and wellbeing, mental illness and recovery.


1. It provides clarity in the midst of your overflowing and demanding days. Practice wipes the fog from the lens of your mind and makes you blessedly sharper.

2. It cultivates the attention required to complete your tasks. Precision and awareness become elevated in whatever it is you apply yourself to.

3. It lifts your mood. Joy and uplift come much more readily. Who doesn’t want that?

4. It creates a sense of steadiness and grounding in change. No matter what unforeseen stuff is thrown at you, your sense of calm center is not so easily thrown off.

5. It keeps you afloat and even-keeled in even the most riotous emotional storms. When crazy feelings threaten to take you down, practice keeps you from capsizing.

6. It helps you see your life on a macro level. You come to rely on practice as a tool for stepping back and getting perspective on the broader picture.

7. It helps you understand your life on a micro level. Practice opens the door to a much quieter and deeper relationship with the internal you.

8. It draws you into the simplicity of the moment. Nothing like regular practice to bring you into the now, and to keep you from getting lost in the past or mired in fears of the future.

9. It touches you so intimately that without it you would feel lost or downright not right. You come to smile inwardly most all of the time with the assurance of practice being there for you at all times.

10. It connects you to and reveals true spirit. Practice is where you download profound intuitive messages by opening to your own divine spark.

Ultimately, you must summon the courage to make room for spiritual practice, and the experiment that it is, as instigator at any given time of peace, elation, chill out, aha, tears or evocative reflection. You must be willing to face whatever arises within this uncanny vehicle and to touch the sacred in yourself every precious day.

The term Spirituality is hard to define

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