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out of body experience pic2
Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) are those curious and usually brief experiences in which a person’s consciousness seems to depart from his or her body, enabling observation of the world from a point of view other than that of the physical body and by means other than those...
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meditation techniques on how to meditate

In addition to the breathing meditation, there areĀ  different meditation techniques on how to meditate such as contemplation and placement meditation, and visualization. Contemplation and placement meditation We begin by contemplating the meaning of a Dharma instruction that we have heard or read. We do this by considering...
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Meditation a simple yet deep rooted technique

Meditation, a simple yet deep rooted technique that helps you think better, control your emotions with finesse and even makes you a better person. First practiced in India, meditation is a method carried down through the ages. It was first mentioned in the Vedas and is well known...
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