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MEDITATION MUSIC comes with several goals

Meditation comes with several goals, one of which would be to silence the mind. Well, as ironic as this might sound, music for meditation can actually be used to silence your thoughts and move you away from the noisy runaway thoughts in your head to a more quiet,...
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Relaxation music has been used by many people for?

Relaxation music has been used by many people for years to promote a sense of health, wellness and well being.  Relaxing music can be a very powerful alternative therapy for changing how you feel, your emotional state, your behavior and even your life.  My relaxing music can help...
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First you need to find a comfortable and quiet place to sit then choose a meditation style that interests you. below are Six that we feel are best suited for anyone new to meditation. Mindfulness Meditation: The most well-known type of meditation, mindfulness meditation, is about being aware of...
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Meditation Class Index Know about the “Meditation” and know real techniques for “Meditate”. Know about the seven bodies and learn how can we cure our bodies by meditate. Physical body Etheric body Astral body Mental body Spiritual body Cosmic body Transcendental body Know about the psychosomatic disease and...
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